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New Sports Law Scholarship

Recently published scholarship includes:

Anthony Paul Farley, The bitter tears of Jesse Owens, 22 BERKELEY LA RAZA LAW JOURNAL 231 (2012)

Gabe Feldman, Closing the floodgates: the battle over workers’ compensation rights in California, 8 FIU LAW REVIEW 107 (2012)

Daniel Gandert and Esther Kim, The NFL’s headache: issues with California workers’ compensation for continuous head traumas in former professional football players, 45 UNIVERSITY TOLEDO LAW REVIEW 57 (2013)

Daniel Gandert et al., The intersection of women’s Olympic sport and intersex athletes: a long and winding road, 46 INDIANA LAW REVIEW 387 (2013)

Robert John Givens, Comment, “Capitamateuralism”: an examination of the economic exploitation of student-athletes by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, 82 UMKC LAW REVIEW 205 (2013)

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