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New Sports Law Scholarship

Recently published scholarship includes (splitting this up over the next few days):
Kerensa E. Barr, Comment, How the “boys of fall” are failing Title IX, 82 UMKC LAW REVIEW 181 (2013)

Steven Broglio, and Rodney Fort, Concussion and concussion management in the NFL: pathophysiology and economics, 8 FIU LAW REVIEW 37 (2012) 
Daniel A. Craig, Note, Bad sports: has Olympic brand protection gone too far?, 9 S.C. JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL LAW AND BUSINESS 375 (2013) 
Erin Cronk, Note, Unlawful encroachment: why the NCAA must compensate student-athletes for the use of their names, images, and likenesses, 34 UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE LAW REVIEW 135 (2013) 

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